AUS/NZ Tour 2015/16 Blog

Entry No. 2

A bit of time passed since the first entry, so let me recapture a bit and let me tell you about what happened on Georgie’s tour so far: Georgie played several smaller gigs all around Sydney and beyond.
Most of them in bars, a few not.
Most of them were mind blowing, some weren’t.
Most of them went down in Sydney, a few didn’t.
All of them have been in one way or the other awesome experiences.

Now we finally made it to NZ. First stop Auckland. Meeting Tali. Some of you might know her as MC Tali, famous Drum’n’Bass MC from New Zealand. An amazing musician, kind human being and for the next three weeks Georgie’s and my travel companion.  From the 20th of January on she and Georgie will play 11 gigs all over New Zealand, an adventure. So here we go.

Georgie @ The Little Guy

Georgie @ The Little Guy

On the 20th all of us woke up from a bad night’s sleep. After nightmares and haunted dreams we were tired, but still positive to start the first day of touring.

First things in the morning: breakfast, then radio interview in the city, at that point already the fifth interview since the day before, “Sounds like a nine to five job, but’s the life of an artist.”, then On the way to Auckland conversations about the thrill of jumping off from things, childhood days, the interview at, “They just love good music”, then a bit of chatting about Tali’s car, it took her everywhere for years, but now it’s time to move on.

Auckland spreads in front of us as we ride over the harbour bridge, somehow smaller than I expected it to be, but not unfriendly, on the contrary.

We reach in time to hear them play a tune by Cinematic Orchestra, the one Milly Blue and Georgie listened to back in Berlin. The studio is a container like room with blue stuff on the walls, reminds me of carpet, some really great looking posters,  and Dylan and Orin, bearded, nice, cap wearing, casual, music lovers they are, truly friendly, chatting away with Tali and Georgie about dumb internet users, personifications of their radio’s slogan, 100% DJ’s choice – no commercial bullshit,

Tali & Georgie CD's

First interview with Tali, about her life as a muso, touring with Georgie, the last 2 years this tour was in the making, she’s eloquent, quickly spoken, professional, talks about the intimate  upcoming gigs all over NZ, the warm up gig in the afternoon. Afterwards it’s Georgie’s turn and they ask her where she’s from, Sydney, lives in Berlin now, from there the conversation leads to the Upbeats, who are famous in NZ, Georgie used to work with them, specifically for their song Thinking Cap, then talks about the Versionairies, who she also played with. They talk about how Georgie gave up music for a while and then eventually started what she does now.

At the end Tali gives a few shout out’s, then goodbye to Dylan and Orin and off we go, heading onwards to a guitar shop, in need of a new guitar stand, Georgie wants one like Harry’s old one, and she finds it, made from mahogany, beautiful, solid, but no time to rest, back into Tali’s green car, back over the bridge and then food, sushi and coffee on the way, home for a few hours before the first gig at Aotea Square.

First gig in Auckland

The first gig of the day: in the centre of Auckland surrounded by high rise buildings, the concrete covered with green grass, just for the occasion, holiday vibe in the city, chilled out, relaxed, family friendly. It’s a summer’s afternoon in the square, the weather is warm, the crowd attentive and cheerful, friendly folks, a warm welcome to the stages of NZ for Georgie, and a good start for the tour, I think. Georgie is nervous before she gets on stage, but she hits it off with a great set. Tali does the same. Great performances from both of them, and a good chemistry between them, during their duets.

Georgie and Tali in Auckland

From Aotea we rush through the city over to Golden Dawn, again a warm and cheerful welcome, this time from Nick and Matt, they tell us that Tarantino has a thing going on at the bar, press conference for his Hateful 8, he overruns his time, but there are drinks, nice chats and it’s Tarantino so no one really cares, on the contrary everybody is excited. Eventually the maestro and his gang leave but Tali manages to shake T’s hand, now nothing can go wrong. Pumped up with happiness we finally make it to the soundcheck, our sound guy Anthony is quick, kind, efficient and before one of us can say hakamakamukinukitopo, sound check is done and leaves us thus with our guns loaded for the night.

at Golden Dawn 20.01.2016