AUS/NZ Tour 2015/16 Blog

Entry No. 1

AUS-NZ Tour 2015/16

I’m not used to the fact yet that I’m on tour with a musician on the other end of the world, let alone being allowed to write about the whole jazz… Nevertheless here it is,  the first entry to Georgie Fisher’s tour blog directly from her Australia & New Zealand tour 2015/2016.

Today is the 14th of December and Georgie has been back to Sydney for a bit more than a week now. Most of the uncomfortable side effects of her jetlag, which felt basically like a massive hangover that went into labour with the mental capabilities of a donkey, are gone by now and two shows have been played, one on the 10th at the Mercantile Hotel – On a sidenote: I thought it’s name is Mescaline Hotel – and one gig was last week on the 6th at a bar called Wilhelmina’s Balmain.

Georgie Fisher @ Wilhelmina's Balmain

The Mercantile, the oldest Irish pub in the area, is set in the oldest part of Sydney, right underneath the Harbour Bridge. It’s worn, a bit gritty but touristy and lively at the same time. An inn full of signs of its long traditional establishment, with pub food and pints, loud and rowdy on the inside and the outside.

Meanwhile Wilhelmina’s is the opposite. Young, new, emerging from the spirit of an up-starting business. Warm sunlight falls through long white curtains, a trendy atmosphere feeding from the craft beers, elegant wines and tasty smelling food.

Georgie Fischer at Wilhelmina's

How was it? – Amazing. Fascinating. Fun. In short: Exactly as you would expect it from a professional artist like Georgie. She rocked – as she always does. Her voice was beautiful, somewhat between melancholic and cheerful, serious and cheeky. The songs, though this time without her band The Jaws, were performed with her acoustic guitar, skin and bones, honest, as if they were carved straight out of her own ancient but juvenile soul.

Though also it was different than any other gig I saw her play so far. There’s something in this Australian environment that changes her songs, her musical self. It is a strange contradiction, her dark songs and the sunny bar atmosphere of Wilhelmina’s, her gripping voice and the rowdy pub audience of the Mercantile.

Georgie Fisher @ Wilhelmina's Belmain

Though it doesn’t change the fact, that good music is good music no matter the circumstances and so was the local vibe music event at the Mercantile a great little peek into what the Sydney singer-songwriter music scene has to offer – aside from Georgie there were great performances from the two popular local musicians Stephanie Grace and Luke Escombe. To wrap it all up lovely hostess Danielle nicely executed the whole event.

In a way those two gigs represented what Georgie captured in her songs all along, the ambivalence created by the optimistic undertone coming from perpetual sunshine and the existential questions of life and death deriving from the past paths and crossings.

Georgie Fisher @ Mercantile Hotel

It has been a good trip so far. Let’s see what’s next … Mmh. Two gig’s yesterday? Cool!

If you’re in Sydney  on Thursday come down and check out Georgie playing at the Little Guy.

Til then